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Rosemary Blackmore is an artist, living and working in the Channel Island of Jersey.
On leaving school, she attended Bath Academy of Art where she graduated with a BA Hons degree in Fine Art in 1967.

Since then she has worked consistently, producing painting, ceramics and textiles.
She is passionate about her island home and is well known for her portrayal of the iconic Jersey cow, as well as paintings of dogs and horses.

The sea and coast are an endless source of inspiration. In her semi abstract paintings in oil and cold wax she aims to portray light, depth, colour and texture by adding many layers to the surface and scraping back; using the materials to create images beyond realism, which she hopes will connect the viewer to the life force of the sea by evoking an emotional response .

Her ceramics are hand made in her home studio using high fired stoneware clay.
Each vessel is unique, from slab and coil built pots to large poppy seed pods, some finished with relief texture, underglaze painting and beautiful glazes, which can be enjoyed in both the home and garden.

She has recently also been making sculptures inspired by the natural world, such as wild hares, horses, otters and even a large bust of a gorilla, a percentage of the sale being donated to Jersey Zoo.

As a proud Genuine Jersey member she takes part in the popular Christmas markets , showing her paintings, ceramics, prints and a range of hand felted bunting and Christmas decorations.

Her work can be seen in the Harbour Gallery, Jane James Ceramics, Framing Workshop and her prints in the La Mare Wine Estate outlet at Jersey Airport. Her work is also available via her website and She welcomes visitors to her home gallery, Bluestone Studio, St.Ouen, please email or phone 482121 to arrange a time to visit.